The TJB Story

I began this “Inspired” journey when I first traveled with professional storm chasers to behold the power of nature. It did something to me, something changed inside me when I witnessed the power of nature and the beauty of God’s creation rolling together over the great plains of the United States.

We are all hardwired for connection, we want to know and be known. TJB Inspired photography exists to inspire the connection that all of us desire to have.


Inspiring Family Connections

I have always loved pouring over old family photos. Pictures capture times and events that otherwise would have been long forgotten; connections lost in time. Pictures Inspire our love and memory of those who have gone on before us. Photographs provoke memories of a warm embrace or a loved one’s laughter. Connection to the past!

We also love to capture today’s moments, today’s family and today’s connections. As a son, father and grandfather, I realize more every day how quickly time passes us by. The present will soon be but a distant memory. TJB photography is committed to capture the moments of today that will inspire family memories for generations to come. Connection to the present!

Inspiring Faith Connections

When I venture out with my camera, I always tell Jeanine that, “I am going out treasure hunting”. She knows exactly what I mean. Some of life’s greatest treasures are those moments when nature inspires us, when it connects us to creation and to the Creator. The awesome power of capturing something so beyond us, so out of our realm of control, inspires us to ask questions about life itself. I know that I have a deep inward desire to believe, to connect with that which is beyond me, to that which is above me and to that which is around me. I have faith that I am a part of something greater and it inspires me to look to the sky. Connection to the creation and to its Creator!

Most TJB Inspired landscape and rural scenes are from right here in central Ohio. Like most, I have a desire to connect to home, central Ohio has been home to me for most of my life. This is where I was raised, this where my mom and dad were raised, as well as their mom, dad and grandparents. So much has changed over the years, but not our love for connection, nor our love for home. Connection to Home!


Inspired Conclusion

It is my hope, my deepest desire that TJB Inspired Photography will inspire you and your family to a deeper and more meaningful connection to the past and to the present.  It would be a great privilege for you to entrust me with the task of capturing memories for you and your family.

Lastly, we all need to step away from how hectic and busy our lives can become.  Inspired Photography is working to capture images that will cause you to take pause, enjoy the beauty of creation and the majesty of the Creator.


Tom and Jeanine Blackford